CloudBees Compliance

Continuous compliance from commit through production

Stop counting CVEs

Start making defensible business decisions

CloudBees Compliance runs continuously with the software delivery process, using a common repository of rules to check digital asset configurations in real time at every stage. It ensures those assets are always compliant at every stage, including in production, and answers - clearly - what risks must be addressed.

  • Developers get clear, actionable directions on what needs to be fixed so they can stay focused on innovation.

  • Compliance teams set enterprise-wide compliance standards for source code, binary repositories, data, on-premise and cloud environments, and identities without having to train developers or write standards into every tool.

  • Business Leaders make defensible decisions based on contextual risk - without having to wade through alert storms and false positives.


Rule Designer

Security and Compliance teams create a corporate-wide catalog of what “safe and secure” means for all software delivery assets: Source Code, Binary Artifacts, Environments, Identities, and Data.

Clear, Corrective Actions

CloudBees Compliance assesses security scanning results for asset type and stage, and creates and forwards a prioritized list of specific corrective actions.

Contextualized Risk Score

CloudBees Compliance goes beyond just showing the vulnerabilities in code. It deduplicates the noise and false positives from multiple scanning systems to show which assets are most at risk at each stage of the pipeline.

Prakash Sethuraman
“Secure DevOps, at scale, requires automated, real time verification of security and compliance across the organisation. CloudBees Compliance enables organisations to set controls and rules centrally, determine compliance issues in software and infrastructure and prioritise action based on the risk / compliance health of the organisation. Our aim is to eliminate the noise, wasted effort and friction that engineering teams typically experience when dealing with security and compliance requirements”.
Prakash Sethuraman

Chief Information Security Officer

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