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Google Page Speed Optimizer for Magento 2

Magento 2 Speed Optimization improves web pages performance in order to place your store at the top of Google search rating. Boost your webstore traffic by the speed optimization and get an endless stream of new visitors!

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  • Optimize JS, CSS and HTML code structure
  • Display pages faster with WebP and Lazy Loading
  • Resize and Crop images for mobile devices
  • Apply smart JS Bundling and Server Push
  • Use on Magento Cloud and CDN
  • NEW: Use the built-in AMP functionality
$259 first year
Product updates and support for 12 months

then $159 / Year

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then $339 / Year

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Google Page Speed Optimizer for Magento 2
Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2
One Step Checkout Pro for Magento 2
$319 first year
Save $92.70

Prevent your store from losing potential customers

The study of Advanced Web rankings shows that websites on the first search results page receive almost 95% of web traffic, leaving only 5% for the remaining pages. If a store has slow speed loading and huge TTFB (time to first byte), Google pessimizes it. Faced this problem? Then we are happy to introduce the solution!


Solution + professional configuration = top positions in Google

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 🥊 Challenge

Nowadays Google takes into account a page speed as the main ranking factor for mobile and desktop searches. Pages delivering the slowest user experience are out of the game. The same speed standards touch all developers. It means that only stores with fast loading speed and an optimized performance will get the highest places in a Google search ranking and can extinguish competitors.

💡 Solution

Magento 2 Speed Optimization Extension makes a store performance friendly both for users and search engines. Visitors won’t leave your store because of the unforgivably long loading. Meanwhile, the Google Rankbrain will index your store faster and get you the highest places in Google search results. Don’t miss the opportunity to increase conversions!

Why Magento 2 speed optimization extension is a must


Prevent visitors from leaving your store by providing a high web pages performance level

Increase a search engine traffic with an optimized position in a Google SERP

Improve user experience with the help of an incredibly fast store pages loading

How to evaluate your store pages performance after Google Core Web Vitals

🚩  Challenge

Google PageSpeed Insights and 
GTmetrix are the tools that indicate how well a webpage performs, but still there are no clear steps on how to fix the problems.

💫 Solution

Use the built-in diagnostic tool right from the admin panel. The Magento PageSpeed module processes the information provided by Google Insights and supplies each issue with detailed configuration tips. Check the score before running the optimization, follow step-by-step instructions and start diagnostic once again to see the results!

Don't see speed improvements?
❗ Check the common Google and Magento 2 PageSpeed Insights problems and steps to solve them


Code structure optimization in Magento

With Magento 2 performance tuning extension you will definitely increase a store performance score in the Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix tools by optimizing Javascript, CSS and HTML content.

Sign static files

Let Google Page Speed Optimizer for Magento 2 invalidate the browser cache for static resources. After the feature is activated, a browser will update cache files automatically to prevent issues related to browsers serving up old static resources. At the same time, visitors will always see the latest changes you have done.

Use asynchronous indexing

Try asynchronous indexing to distinguish traffic patterns on the database level to avoid conflicts between read and write operations in the corresponding tables. With Magento 2 Google Page Speed Plugin, you can store and index order data asynchronously. Orders are placed in temporary storage and moved in bulk to the Order Management grid without any collisions.

Images compression

Let a browser deliver a web pages content faster with fever bytes to download. Image optimization helps to enhance the user experience and attract new customers by improving seo-positioning and performance of Magento 2 store.

NEW Now the Magento performance extension is compatible with Varnish!

You can also add compatibility with 3rd-party extensions that use AJAX.

Speeding up of loading process

Use Magento 2 Page Speed Optimization to defer initialization of an object until the point at which it is needed and to clear pagespeed cache. Accelerate web pages loading and prevent your store with long catalog pages full of images from lagging. Additionally, Lazy Load functionality is fully compatible with the Full Page Cache Warmer extension: warm store pages according to user agents to maximize the effect.

See our Magento 2 Performance Tuning module in action

Prevent losing potential customers by making your Magento 2 store faster. See the results of optimization with help of Google PageSpeed Insights tool for Home page Category page , and Product page . Use our Magento 2 page speed extension and you will definitely improve your store score.

[PREMIUM] Ultimate speed optimization level in Magento 2

The Premium solution goes further on the way to extra-fast loading speed and a positive shopping experience on the customer side. Apart from additional optimization options, the pack includes the features for unique UX and UI to finalize lazy load effect and offer a smooth purchasing process.

Can't decide what solution meets your needs?

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  1. $109 first year
    then $69 / Year Google Page Speed Optimizer Lite for Magento 2 -
    $109 first year

    Product updates and support service subscription — included the first year
    Price to be paid today -
    $109 first year

    Subscription for the following year — $69 / Year
  • Use 2 lazy load scripts
  • Preload images for desktops,
    mobiles and tablets
  • Configure custom Lazy Load
    strategy for specific pages



  1. $259 first year
    then $159 / Year Google Page Speed Optimizer for Magento 2 -
    $259 first year

    Product updates and support service subscription — included the first year
    Price to be paid today -
    $259 first year

    Subscription for the following year — $159 / Year

Lite features included

  • Convert images into Webp format
  • Compress JPEG, PNG and GIF images
  • Resize media files with 2 algorithms
  • Automatically optimize new images
  • Enable User Agents
  • Create Webp images for AMP
  • Enable JS bundling
  • Minify HTML and CSS
  • Merge CSS and JS
  • Move Print CSS and JS to footer
  • Activate Server Push
  • Defer fonts loading
  1. then $159 / Year Google Page Speed Optimizer for Magento 2 -
    $259 first year

    Product updates and support service subscription — included the first year
    Price to be paid today -
    $259 first year

    Subscription for the following year — $159 / Year



  1. $599 first year
    then $365 / Year Google Page Speed Optimizer Premium for Magento 2 -
    $599 first year

    Product updates and support service subscription — included the first year
    Price to be paid today -
    $599 first year

    Subscription for the following year — $365 / Year

Lite features included

Pro features included

  • Activate infinite scroll for category pages
  • Ensure quick purchasing with AJAX shopping cart and a popup window
  • Optimize images by Cron
  • Enable JS merging for particular devices

What experts say about our Google page speed plugin?

"The result of rebuilding our pages for performance led to a 40 percent decrease in Pinner wait time, a 15 percent increase in SEO traffic and a 15 percent increase in conversion rate to signup. Because the traffic and conversion rate increases are multiplicative, this was a huge win for us in terms of web and app signups. Because of the web pages improvement project, the team now focuses on performance as one of the biggest opportunities for new user growth.".

Sam Meder

19 year engineering expert, deep experience in development & management

How to increase Magento 2 speed fast?

  • Given the extension is enabled, the fastest way to optimize the loading speed is to complete the general settings;
  • Extend the HTML tab and set Minify HTML to Yes;
  • Then, go to the JavaScript tab and enable all the optimization settings there;
  • Switch to CSS optimization and choose the needed values;
  • Also, use Flat Tables, Images Optimization
  • Other Settings to achieve a more vivid result faster;
  • Save the changes and check the result.

How to tune Magento 2 SEO performance?

  • Install and enable the Google Page Speed Optimizer extension.
  • Go to Stores > Configuration > Google Page Speed Optimizer
  • Open the Settings section.
  • Enable HTML, JavaScript, and CSS optimization.
  • Open the Image optimization section.
  • Set up automatic image resizing and lazy loading.
  • Save the changes.

According to the statistics, the extension can cover each business need in synergy with the following solution: magento 2 full page cache.

New product for your Magento 2

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Magento 2 speed optimization is one of the steps every Magento 2 store owner should take when the traffic drops, bounce rates rise and there is no increase in conversion rates. And all this because website performance is a vital factor that influences not only Magento SEO and traffic, but purchasing decisions as well.


After Magento 2 performance optimization, you’ll notice 2 main changes. Your GPSI score will be higher, and your website will get higher positions on SERPs and more organic traffic. Users will be more likely to stay on your website and make purchases because your store will work faster.

magento 2 performance optimization

According to statistics, up to 90% of users will leave your store if they have to wait for its loading for 3+ seconds. Thus you may significantly increase your traffic and, as a result, conversion by tuning your Magento 2 performance.

magento 2 performance tuning

Magento 2 SEO performance is an essential part of the store’s success. SEO performance determines whether or not your site will show up in search results for someone who is looking for your exact product. High positions in search results improve brand image.

magento 2 speed optimization

Google page speed plugin for Chrome is an extension for your browser that allows you to check the current score of the page in one click without switching the tabs. It can be useful while you are working on your page speed.

google page speed plugin

Magento 2 optimization is a necessary step in building your store. The potential customer will not wait and put up with the long loading time of your site. He will simply leave for another one. So now site speed is what your store's conversions and profits depend on.

magento 2 speed optimization extension
  1. Update to the latest version of Magento.
  2. Change Hosting Provider.
  3. Audit Third-Party Extensions. 
  4. Use Lightweight Magento Themes. 
  5. Delete Unnecessary Fonts. 
  6. Optimize Images. 
  7. Use Next-Gen File Format. 
  8. Disable Flat Catalogs.
magento 2 page speed optimization
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What is the difference between Google Page Speed Optimizer and Lazy Load extensions?

Google Page Speed Optimizer and Lazy Load are modules with identical features. Read the full answer to see the difference.

How to install image optimization tools?

To install image optimization tools, use the Root user, and run commands on the server. Click the full answer to see the commands.

What if I don’t see the speed improvement after the plugin installation?

In this case, we recommend testing your website in PageSpeed Insights and set up the extension according to the recommendations it gives. Read the full answer to see how it works.

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See Magento (and other software) versions we support and guarantee their compatibility with our extensions

Version 2.2.0
Last Update: Aug 11, 2021
2.2.0 - Aug 11, 2021
  • New now Accelerated Mobile Pages functionality is available as a part of Google Page Speed Optimizer Pro and Premium tariffs
Version 2.1.3
Last Update: Jul 27, 2021
2.1.3 - Jul 27, 2021
  • Improvement we improved Google Page Speed Optimizer and Image Optimizer general settings to make the modules' configuration more convenient
2.1.2 - May 31, 2021
  • Improvement we added WebP support for Safari 14
  • Compatibility we improved Compatibility with Varnish cache. Now users who visit the site for the first time will get WebP images
  • Fix we fixed the issue occurred when disabling the lazy load extension using general configuration
  • Fix we resolved the problem with webp images in using the settings ‘Use User Agent for Loading Images’ and ‘Ignore Images that Contain’
2.1.1 - Mar 18, 2021
  • Fix we fixed the issue occurred during the process of compilation
  • Fix we resolved the problem with store codes for correct functioning of Server Push
  • Fix we fixed the error that occurred in optimization if there are no configurable or simple types of products
2.1.0 - Feb 24, 2021
  • New now the extension comes with a new setting to let you optimize images for only enabled products
  • Improvement we enhanced the work of diagnostics, so you can check the website's score improvement immediately after configuring the extension
  • Compatibility compatibility with Amasty Full Page Cache Warmer was improved
Version 2.0.0
Last Update: Feb 10, 2021
2.0.0 - Feb 10, 2021
  • New now the extension comes with Server Push that serves resources to browser before it requires thus reducing the round trip time
  • Improvement we upgraded the extension’s settings to avert problems with configuration
  • Improvement we enhanced the process of generating Webp images
Version 1.8.5
Last Update: Nov 19, 2020
1.8.5 - Nov 19, 2020
  • Fix we fixed optimization of WebP images when the uppercase format is indicated
1.8.4 - Oct 01, 2020
  • Fix we fixed the issue with automatic optimization of images added via pagebuilder
1.8.3 - Sep 02, 2020
  • Compatibility compatibility with Amasty AMP extension was enhanced
1.8.2 - Jul 10, 2020
  • Fix we resolved the problem with incorrect store view URL used for diagnostic
1.8.1 - Jun 03, 2020
  • Fix we resolved the problem with lazy loading when the setting ‘Use User Agent for Loading Images’ is enabled
  • Fix we fixed the error appeared when images had spaces in the names
  • Fix we added validation in image files existence before processing
  • Fix we fixed the issue with base64 images on Magento 2.3.5
1.8.0 - May 05, 2020
  • Improvement we improved the behaviour with Varnish cache that was incorrect with some browsers not supporting WebP image format.
  • Fix we fixed the issue with the error "A technical problem ..." when a file without extension appears in the optimization queue
  • Fix we fixed the issue with incorrect verifying of the image optimization tool
  • Fix we fixed the issue with the conversion to WebP format of files with the same name but different extensions
  • Fix we fixed the issue with image optimization from Admin Panel in Magento 2.1.x
  • Fix we fixed the issue with not enough memory for JavaScript optimization on low memory instances
  • Fix we fixed the issue with the error during the process of Magento installation with extension inside
  • Fix we fixed the issue with extra-large HTML regex backtracking
Version 1.7.4
Last Update: Feb 25, 2020
1.7.4 - Feb 25, 2020
  • Improvement we improved code constructions for Magento Marketplace standards
  • Fix we solved the problem with using special chars in name of pictures
1.7.3 - Feb 05, 2020
  • Fix we resolved the problem with incorrect getting some config settings: ignores, move js
1.7.2 - Jan 30, 2020
  • Improvement an ability to add compatibility with 3-rd party extensions which use AJAX was added
  • Improvement now the srcset in images lazy load will be deleted
  • Compatibility now the module is compatibly with Varnish
  • Compatibility now the module is compatible with Amasty AMP extension
  • Compatibility now the module is compatible with img tag which includes empty src
  • Fix we solved the problem with empty rows in module configuration (ignore sheets)
  • Fix we solved the problem after Amasty JS Optimization running
1.7.1 - Dec 10, 2019
  • Improvement we corrected the work of Amasty JS Optimization
  • Fix we resolved the problem with incorrect displaying of top menu on mobile view
1.7.0 - Nov 22, 2019
  • Improvement we corrected the work of the automatic optimization feature: now you can optimize only one of non optimized URL from all your site, also extension will give you choice which of Store Views pages you want to optimize
  • Fix we solved the problem with image optimization configuration for a large numbers of image folders
  • Fix we solved the problem with incorrect caching
  • Fix we resolved the problem with error while events.xml is empty
  • Fix we solved the problem with automatic images optimization on front end
Version 1.6.2
Last Update: Oct 25, 2019
1.6.2 - Oct 25, 2019
  • Fix we solved the problem with invalid XML after extension install
1.6.1 - Oct 23, 2019
  • Improvement minor visual improvements in the extension main settings
1.6.0 - Oct 15, 2019
  • New we added an information block that allows you to check results of optimization and show Google recommendations from admin side
  • Improvement now category and product pages are added to bundling js feature
  • Improvement we implemented a speed enhancement that lets you run multiple threads to minimize the time required for optimizing media on your site
Version 1.5.2
Last Update: Sep 27, 2019
1.5.2 - Sep 27, 2019
  • Fix we solved the problem with extension updating
1.5.1 - Sep 12, 2019
  • Fix the issue with generating queue on Magento 2.3.2 was resolved
1.5.0 - Sep 04, 2019
  • New we added a new feature for image optimization - 'User Agent'. If enabled it allows to set separate 'preload' feature for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop devices and to use WebP+Resize+LazyLoad features for the same one image at once as well
  • New images optimization was moved to separate grid - now you can choose optimization options for particular folders on your server. Please, navigate to the ‘Content>Google Page Speed Optimizer>Image Folder Optimization Settings’
  • Improvement we improved the 'Image Optimization' tab on the extension's general settings page making it more clear and comfortable to use
Version 1.4.0
Last Update: Aug 19, 2019
1.4.0 - Aug 19, 2019
  • New Javascrtipt and CSS sections was greatly improved - now you can specify excludes for admin pages, custom store pages by url, part of JS on pages, and move merged JS and CSS files by custom URL pages
  • Improvement Javascript section for Magento Cloud instances was refactored; please, do not forget to specify the appropriate setting in the configuration if you use the Cloud instance
Version 1.3.0
Last Update: Jun 04, 2019
1.3.0 - Jun 04, 2019
  • New now it is possible to exclude specific fonts from deferring when using 'Defer Fonts Loading' feature
  • Improvement we enhanced the code
  • Improvement we improved the 'Amasty JS Optimization' feature for better performance
  • Compatibility we enhanced the compatibility with Magento versions elder than 2.2.0
Version 1.2.4
Last Update: May 10, 2019
1.2.4 - May 10, 2019
  • Fix we resolved the possible issue with JS bundling on a multi-domain website
1.2.3 - May 04, 2019
  • Fix we resolved the issue with the js error `Fieldset is not defined` during the 'JavaScript Bundling' process
1.2.2 - May 03, 2019
  • Fix we resolved the issue with generating the queue when using 'Use Webp image format'
1.2.1 - Apr 18, 2019
  • Fix we resolved the multiple select folders in 'Folders For Optimization`
1.2.0 - Apr 15, 2019
  • New we developed the Amasty Advanced JS Bundling. Now it is possible to create an advanced bundle of JS Google
Version 1.1.0
Last Update: Apr 03, 2019
1.1.0 - Apr 03, 2019
  • New Advanced settings for the Lazy Load feature was added. Now it is possible to set optimization for different page types individually
  • New Now you can choose folders with images for optimization
  • New Now it is possible to choose the compression level for the JPEG optimization.
  • New Introducing the image resize feature. The extension creates several copies of an image in different sizes
  • New WebP image format was added. The extension can create a copy of an image in WebP format. Browsers that support WebP will receive images in the format
  • Improvement the image optimization process was improved. Now it is executed by creating the queue and processing it. It can be launched via CLI as well
Version 1.0.6
Last Update: Mar 07, 2019
1.0.6 - Mar 07, 2019
  • Improvement we have improved the 'Move JavaScript To Page Bottom' process. Now it works more stable with custom themes
1.0.5 - Feb 21, 2019
  • Improvement we have added a setting for excluding certain images from Lazy Load processing
1.0.4 - Feb 06, 2019
  • Fix the operation of the 'Run Optimization Now' button was fixed
1.0.3 - Feb 04, 2019
  • Fix : the possible problem with displaying images wile enabled Lazy Load option was resolved
1.0.2 - Jan 30, 2019
  • Fix the issue with adding the lazy load script to robots.txt was resolved
1.0.1 - Jan 17, 2019
  • Improvement minor visual improvement in the admin area (extension settings)
Version 1.3.6
Last Update: Aug 26, 2021
1.3.6 - Aug 26, 2021
  • Compatibility we enhanced the compatibility with Amasty Google Page Speed Optimizer extension
  • Fix we adjusted the display of a non-AMP product page if accessed from an AMP category page
  • Fix we fixed the issue with the wishlist icon displaying if it’s disabled
1.3.5 - Nov 27, 2020
  • Fix we resolved the issue with empty snippet values
  • Fix we corrected the URL generation in case the original URL contains ‘index.php’
1.3.4 - Sep 21, 2020
  • Fix we resolved the issue with URL parsing on multistore instances
1.3.3 - Aug 18, 2020
  • Improvement now the indicator of added products on mini cart remains visible until shopping cart is empty
  • Compatibility we enhanced compatibility with Varnish
1.3.2 - May 07, 2020
  • Fix we resolved the issue with Form Key validation
1.3.1 - Apr 24, 2020
  • Compatibility compatibility with Magento 2.3.5 was added
  • Compatibility compatibility with Varnish and FPC was improved
  • Fix we corrected a minor issue with icons and fonts display
1.3.0 - Mar 31, 2020
  • New we added an option to force AMP opening from mobile devices
  • Improvement now extension displays prices excl/incl taxes if applicable
  • Fix we corrected the display of uploaded images in Visual Swatches
Version 1.2.1
Last Update: Mar 16, 2020
1.2.1 - Mar 16, 2020
  • Fix we resolved issue with loading product reviews
  • Fix issue with amp index link on category page was fixed
1.2.0 - Feb 13, 2020
  • New now the plugin supports CMS and Home Pages
  • New we added AMP-widgets which can be used on CMS pages
  • Improvement we enhanced the process of filter application on category pages in order to make it more user-friendly
Version 1.1.1
Last Update: Jan 22, 2020
1.1.1 - Jan 22, 2020
  • Improvement we implemented minor enhancement of linking between AMP and non-AMP versions of pages
1.1.0 - Dec 24, 2019
  • New now Category Pages are also available for AMP enabling. Turn on the functionality in one click

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