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Magento SEO Service

Get SEO optimized website and a further improvement plan based on a detailed analysis of your store - rank at the top of the Google search result page.

start at $650

The final service cost can be different due to the individual settings, configuration, and customizations implemented on your website. You will be additionally consulted in case additional costs should be involved.

Why do online stores need SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to increase a Magento website ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) of such search engines like Google. Running an SEO audit and developing a strategy for your e-store can bring motivated traffic to your website, as well as grow your revenue.

What is included in our Magento SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit

We are ready to analyze your online store and uncover all critical technical issues. Then during the audit, our Magento SEO expert will immediately solve fast-to-fix on-site problems and give you an ultimate guide on how to fix the rest by yourself. We will also provide estimates for the required time to fix all of the SEO issues found on your website by the Amasty team and advise you on how to choose a good in-house SEO specialist for the future.

SEO Link Building

We’ll analyze your current link strategy, its weak and strong aspects, and provide you with a solution on how you can develop your link strategy further. During the SEO audit, our specialist will carefully review your instance using our internal tools. We will review current link building and its growth dynamics, ranks (Alexa Rank, DR, TF\CF), and others.

SEO Toolkit Set Up

SEO Toolkit with a qualified setup replaces 80% of a full-time SEO specialist. We will configure this module specially for your online store so that SEO Toolkit works at the maximum of its efficiency. Our Magento SEO consultants will also give you a checklist for configuring this module, and you will be able to further tune it for an online store kit.

Who is this Technical SEO Audit for?

Store Owners

Dreaming about high Google rankings at limited resources? We will be happy to help you achieve this goal by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your site and offering you possible improvement options.


We will be happy to help if you do not have enough resources for completing Magento SEO strategy for a project in house. Also, we have a lot of experience in Magento SEO and know the nuances of setting it up for this platform.

How does our Magento SEO service work?

Our Magento SEO service may include from 4 to 5 steps, depending on the package you choose: personal consultation, analysis, fixes for SEO issues, SEO Toolkit configuration, and an optional link building step. Let’s consider them closely.

Step 1. Personal consultation

Firstly, our SEO specialists provide you with a personal consultation answering your questions and discussing the future project.

Step 2. Magento SEO audit

Next, we’ll perform a Magento SEO audit that includes:

  • deep analysis of your store during which we check your site redirects, meta tags, headlines, canonical URLs, XML sitemap, loading speed, etc.
  • individual report with detailed guidelines on how to improve your position on SERP and fix the issues that our service doesn’t cover.

Step 3. Fixes

Then, we’ll solve the fast-to-fix on-site SEO problems and estimate the required time to correct all of the other SEO issues on your website. Per your request, we can advise you on how to choose an in-house SEO specialist.

Step 4. SEO Toolkit configuration

Next, we’ll install and configure our SEO Toolkit extension according to your business needs, as out of the box, this module allows for solving SEO issues but not for detecting them.

Step 5. Link building

Depending on the audit package you choose, we can also analyze your linking strategy and provide recommendations.

Why can you trust us?


of users on come from organic search. Why is organic traffic important?
It brings motivated traffic and can generate most of the conversions at an e-store.

↑ 1M

our Impressions (the number of times that has been listed on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) grew over the last year from 2.44M to 3.44M.


of our promotion keywords are in the top-10 Google Search Results.

#1. HTTP 301 or Moved Permanently

This response status is usually used for permanent redirects, for example, when your website has moved to another URL. To check if you have this issue, open the page and hover your mouse over the link in your content. In the bottom-left corner, you will see its URL:


If, after clicking on the link, you are redirected to another page with a different URL


then this is a popular mistake that can lead to a decrease in positions on Google search results pages.

#2. Error 404 or Not found

This error means that the link you wanted to access couldn't be found on the website server. So, if you click on the link from the menu or text and get a blank page or a 404 error, this may decrease your position on Google search results pages.


This happens because user behavior is one of the most important ranking factors for Google, and seeing error 404 is one of the most frustrating things for visitors. As a result, users leave your website immediately, increasing your website bounce rate.

#3. A too long title

To check if you have this issue, right-click on your page in the browser and choose View Page Source at the bottom of the list. In the new-opened window, you can check your <title> meta tag. It shouldn't be longer than 70 characters.


Otherwise, your title will be cut on a Google search results page, and the "extra" words will be replaced with an ellipsis. Sometimes Google can replace your long title with a more appropriate one.

#4. Title equals H1

If you don't fill in the meta title for the page, it will be automatically replaced with your H1. To check if you have such an error, right-click on your page in the browser and choose View Page Source from the end of the list. In the new-opened window, you can see meta tags <title> and <h1>.


Based on our experience, we recommend making them different. The meta title should meet the requirements of search engines and have keywords.

#5. Canonical URLs

Say you have a catalog with multiple pages that are numbered 1st, 2nd, etc. like this:


Tag 'canonical' is used to avoid duplicate content and mark one page as a preferred one. If you have a wrong URL under this tag, it may decrease your positions on search result pages in Google. To check what page is marked as canonical, go to the second page of your catalog, right-click on your page in the browser and choose View Page Source from the end of the list. In the new-opened window, find the <link rel = "canonical"> meta tag.


This link should differ from the URL of the opened page.

Need help with particular SEO issues? Contact us and get a personal offer!

Price Options

Technical SEO Audit + SEO Toolkit Configuration

FROM $650*

  • personal consultation
  • analysis of your store
  • solve fast-to-fix on-site SEO problems
  • SEO Toolkit configuration
  • personalized SEO guide

Technical SEO Audit + SEO Toolkit Configuration + Link Building

FROM $699*

  • personal consultation
  • analysis of your store
  • solve fast-to-fix on-site SEO problems
  • SEO Toolkit configuration
  • link building
  • personalized SEO guide

Get your website audited and optimized for Google by our SEO specialists

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