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Magento 2 Speed Optimization Service

Get your Magento 2 performance improved to supersonic speed.

☔ 2 months of warranty

 💎 3 flexible payment models

 📣 dedicated team

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Why is Magento optimization important?

Tuning your Magento 2 performance and increasing its speed can influence your traffic and sales. According to statistics, 90% of users will leave your site if it loads 3 seconds or more, and every 100-millisecond delay in loading can decrease conversions up to 7%. Moreover, website speed is one of the ranking factors for desktop and mobile.

Magento server optimization, in its turn, will help you grow your business, increase the number of products available and upload more content without affecting your website performance. Well-optimized Magento can easily handle a store with 400.000-500.000 products, but it actually has no limits.

What things can slow down your Magento 2 site loading?

  • Poorly optimized visual content
  • Slow server or free hosting
  • 3rd-party scripts: themes, extensions, add-ons, widgets
  • Messy redirects
  • Unoptimized JavaScript code

How can Magento 2 slow loading can impact your store?

  • lower conversion rates
  • lower positions on SERPs
  • fewer site visits
  • higher bounce rates
  • poor usability

A very slow Magento 2 can ruin all your business plans, or you can be proactive and start optimizing it in advance.


What are the results of site speed optimization?

  • faster page loading speed
  • improved Magento 2 performance
  • faster server response
  • increased site traffic
  • higher customer satisfaction

How Magento Speed Optimization works

Step 1. Consulting

First off, our manager will contact you to discuss all the details of the project. They will answer your questions and agree on a plan for further action. Next, they will submit your site to technical specialists for a detailed audit.

Step 2. Audit

Performance optimization is complicated and has many pitfalls. Therefore, before being elbow-deep in refactoring your code, our specialists benchmark your Magento 2 performance manually to detect possible causes for the problem. All the findings will be presented to you once the audit is ready.

Step 3. Address the stoppers

Having received your consent, our specialists continue with Magento speed optimization services. Based on the analysis and your desires, they can optimize:

  • Hardware. We'll examine your hosting provider, server capacity, installed software Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Elasticsearch, etc. And in case your server is no longer an option, we'll transfer your database and store files to a new server. The poorly optimized server is one of the most typical problems that cause slow work of the Magento 2 backend.
  • Third-party extensions. Firstly, not all third-party code is written with Magento standards in mind. This can lead not only to speed reduction but also to breach vulnerabilities. Secondly, even if your extensions meet the standards, they still can be too heavy. Our specialists will review every single case and develop a custom solution to bring your store in line with the Magento 2 performance benchmark.
  • Theme. Rich visuals are not always good. The more there are JS-written interactive elements on your pages the slower they load (as a rule). If your JS totals are above the median, our specialists will minify and merge the code without affecting its work on the frontend.

Step 4. Warranty

In case we've made changes and speed rates reached the desired level we wrap up the Magento 2 performance tuning project. We give all our clients 2 months of guarantee and answer your questions even after the expiration date.

Results example of our Magento site optimization services

After full optimization, you can get around 70 points on Mobile and 90 on Desktop.

* based on real customer data

After (Desktop)

After (Mobile)


Most Magento stores can be optimized to reach a green zone when testing by GPSI. However, the final score depends on how many slow-loading elements you are ready to remove from your website. From our experience, the full code optimization without removing many elements helps your store reach 90 points on Desktop and 60-70 on Mobile on average.

You will receive a detailed document, where we'll mention exact code strings that should be rewritten and give other recommendations. After that, you can either work on those changes with your team or hire us to help you implement the fixes.

First of all, the growth of your GPSI score will help you reach higher positions on SERPs and win more organic traffic while bringing more "free" prospects to your website and saving money you spend on paid ads.

Secondly, your loading speed directly affects the number of customers who stay on your website. According to Google research, the probability that users will leave your website increases by 32% as page load time rises from 1 to 3 seconds.

Thirdly, user experience and page loading speed have a significant impact on your average conversion rate. For example, decreasing mobile site load time by 0,1 of a second led to 8% growth in CR for some retail sites.

Why choose our service?

Dedicated team

We'll give your project to a dedicated team led by the project manager who will help you work with the remote team. Depending on your needs and requests, we’ll form the team of:

  • professional frontend and backend developers
  • DevOps engineers
  • QA
  • and marketing specialists.

2 months of warranty and flexible payment

We offer 3 flexible payment models:

  • fixed price
  • time and material
  • dedicated team.

So you can choose the most suitable one.

Also, we provide 2 months of free support for all our services and your personal manager will stay in touch even after this period.

12+ years of experience

We have worked with Magento since 2009. And for this time, we got a knack for Magento 2 site performance optimization and can guarantee the high quality of our services. We can help you find the answer to all the questions no matter if your Magento 2 admin is loading slowly or you want to rank higher on SERP.


As Adobe Solution Partner, we guarantee that our products are developed based on the high standards of Adobe, and the workflow is fully in line with the Business Code of Conduct requirements.

Technology Stack

  • Zend Framework 2, Yii PHP Framework 2.0, Laravel 2, Symfony PHP Framework 2, etc.
  • Node.js, Express.js, Hapi JS Framework, Socket.IO, Mojito, Sails.js Meteor, Crafty.js, D3.js etc.
  • Perl
  • VDS server, as well as cloud-based services setup and optimization, Rackspace Cloud, AWS, Azure
  • Setup of VPN, DNS, DHCP, Mail (we've developed a number of spamming and traffic generation systems and tools)
  • Bootstrap, Sass, Less.js, 960 Grid System, Blueprint, Material, Semantic, Sencha Touch, etc.
  • Angular, React, Backbone.js, jQuery, D3.js, and many other in-demand frameworks
  • Android/native iOS web development
  • Cross-platform development using Apache Cordova/PhoneGap/Ionic, as well as React Native
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite, MS SQL, NoSQL
  • Black/White Box testing, automatic and manual testing
  • Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.

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