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Multi Vendor Solutions

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  1. Marketplace Platinum M2
    Partner Product

    Сreate your own multi-vendor e-commerce store using Magento Marketplace extension. Offer products and services from different sellers on your site and increase revenue.
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    • Onboard an unlimited number of vendors at your store
    • Set up vendors’ commissions with agility
    • Set up vendor and product validation according to your business model
    • Allow vendors to manage their own orders, products, and inventory
    • Provide vendors with complete analytics of transactions
    • Easily manage all vendors, transactions, and payouts from the admin panel
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  2. Dropshipping M2
    Set up a multi-channel business with no warehouse costs using Magento 2 Dropshipping. Build a stable flow and ship products to customers directly from suppliers’ warehouses.
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    • Create dropshippers base
    • Assign products to particular warehouses
    • Allocate ordered products between suppliers
    • Limit dropshippers’ access to order management
    • Calculate shipping costs based on warehouses location
    • Export Orders to suppliers automatically with the build-in functionality
    • All Advanced MSI features included
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Choosing a business model is one of the very first steps in creating a new e-commerce store. And if you decide to become the next Amazon, you are on the right page. Here you will find Magento 2 multi-vendor extensions that allow for launching your business without extra costs.

There are 2 different strategies you can choose: dropshipping and marketplace. In both cases, you don’t need to buy and store any goods, instead, you will have partners, vendors, and suppliers that will take responsibility for the storage and delivery of goods.

The main difference in these approaches is that in the case of dropshipping, you will manage all the other questions like catalog management, marketing, payments, return and refund, customer care, etc. So it’s basically a normal online shop but without the warehouse, so goods are shipped right from the suppliers' stocks.

We offer the Dropshipping module to let you create a dropshippers’ base and assign products to specific vendors. With this magento multi vendor extension, you can limit the access for your suppliers and let them manage only orders assigned to them. Notify dropshippers about new orders via email and resolve pending questions swiftly right in the backend comments.

But don’t forget to make sure that in both cases you have all the other tools that every online store needs like safe payments and secure data storage, seamless customer experience, effective marketing, customer loyalty, care systems, and etc. Check all the must-have features in our infographics.

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