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One Step Checkout Pro for Magento 2

Lead your business to revenue growth with a fast and customizable one-step checkout page. Provide shoppers with a smooth and clear checkout flow to exceed their expectations.
  • Adjust checkout page in a few clicks using drag-and-drop layout builder
  • Support multiple payment and shipping methods
  • Display delivery date and time options
  • Use onе of two customizable responsive themes
  • Increase average order value by offering extra service fees
  • Compatible with the Jet Theme by Amasty
$319 first year
Product updates and support for 12 months

then $195 / Year

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then $375 / Year

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One Step Checkout Pro for Magento 2
$319 first year
Improved Layered Navigation for Magento 2
Google Page Speed Optimizer for Magento 2
Save $92.70

Why Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension is an absolute must-have for e-commerce?

This Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension was designed to turn the default Magento order placement page into a simple and user-friendly one to increase the conversion of stores of any size. It is a well-known fact that the most challenging part of the purchasing process is the complicated and unclear checkout interface. According to Baymard Institute, e-commerce stores can gain a 35% increase in conversion rates with an optimized checkout design. With the extension, store managers can choose out of 5 layouts and 2 themes to find the design that perfectly matches their store to enhance customers satisfaction.

 🚩 Challenge

Conversion rate drops have become a serious problem for many merchants. Online shoppers expect an instant and effortless purchasing process. If they have to deal with an overcomplicated page, they’re most likely to leave the store and go to competitors. In such cases, the store owners will not get all the revenue they could’ve got.

💫 Solution

Quickly guide shoppers through the purchasing process with the Magento 2 One Click Checkout extension. This extension helps store owners to create user-friendly checkout flow, analyze clients’ behavior and easily boost store revenue by eliminating poor usability with native integration of extra service fees.

What benefits do you get for your store

Create a custom checkout page tailored to your business flow


Increase the number of completed orders 


Boost customers' satisfaction by providing a faster checkout experience

Simplify native Magento 2 checkout steps into a one clear step

Create a responsive checkout page in your Magento store to cover basic business needs. With the package, you can manage checkout fields, provide customers with Geo IP detection, get valuable insights from analytics, and offer your shoppers a wide variety of payment methods.

Streamline the checkout performance with a set of must-have tools

Create a checkout page that converts without additional development costs. The Pro solution provides more flexibility in design settings, allows you to earn more on extra services, and boost retention rate.

Looking for integration
with other payment methods?

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[PREMIUM ONLY] Cover the key steps of the customer lifecycle

Build an easy Magento checkout process starting from registration to the recovery of abandoned carts with our One Step Checkout Premium.

Choose the set of features for checkout

to solve your unique scope of business needs



  1. $249 first year
    then $155 / Year One Step Checkout Lite for Magento 2 -
    $249 first year

    Product updates and support service subscription — included the first year
    Price to be paid today -
    $249 first year

    Subscription for the following year — $155 / Year
  • Make more shoppers finish their purchase by eliminating redundant steps on the checkout
  • Track the most important checkout metrics with the built-in analytics
  • Enjoy compatibility with popular payment systems
  • Avoid extra development costs with highly embeddable design
  • Automatically detect user country for auto-filling
  • Mobile-ready



  1. $319 first year
    then $195 / Year One Step Checkout Pro for Magento 2 -
    $319 first year

    Product updates and support service subscription — included the first year
    Price to be paid today -
    $319 first year

    Subscription for the following year — $195 / Year

Lite features included

  • Move your customers through the checkout faster,  enjoy extra features and flexible design options
  • Reduce churn rate from checkout by enabling autocomplete of customer address
  • Let shoppers choose delivery date and time on checkout
  • Configure checkout page layout in a few clicks with drag-n-drop layout editor
  • Customize checkout design using the style switcher with premade design themes
  • Gain extra revenue by offering gift wrap service on checkout
  1. then $195 / Year One Step Checkout Pro for Magento 2 -
    $319 first year

    Product updates and support service subscription — included the first year
    Price to be paid today -
    $319 first year

    Subscription for the following year — $195 / Year



  1. $749 first year
    then $455 / Year One Step Checkout Premium for Magento 2 -
    $749 first year

    Product updates and support service subscription — included the first year
    Price to be paid today -
    $749 first year

    Subscription for the following year — $455 / Year

Lite features included

Pro features included

  • Decrease abandoned carts and monetize extra info you gather from customers on checkout
  • Ensure barrier-free checkout flow through all steps starting from ‘Add to cart’ and up to the 'Thank You' page
  • Protect your store from bots with Invisible reCaptcha
  • Provide one-click login by Social Login
  • Gather more detailed customer information with Order Attributes
  • Turn lost purchases into complete orders using Abandoned Cart Email
  • Increase repeat sales with configurable Thank You Page extension


Use Magento 2 One Page Checkout to solve the most common issues while customers place an order with one solution. According to Baymard Institute study, 69% of visitors leave the store when reaching the checkout page due to several reasons: a required registration, unclear flow, too many fields to fill in, and payment security doubts. This Firecheckout Magento 2 extension allows you to create a customizable and user-friendly page to boost conversion in the store and decrease abandoned cart rate.

Magento 2 One Page Checkout extension

Magento 2 Checkout Page prompts the user to specify the address, type of delivery, choose the form of payment, and list other details. It is important that at the Magento 2 Checkout Stage
The client sees his purchases, can adjust their list, can continue shopping without completing the checkout process. It's important that in Magento 2 Checkout Stage the customer can see his purchases, can edit his shopping list and has the opportunity to continue shopping without completing the checkout. Magento 2 Checkout process should be adapted for comfortable completion from any type of device to provide a smooth experience for all users. The Magento 2 Checkout is important to get it right to bring deals to an end and bring customers back for repeat purchases.

magento 2 checkout page

A well-designed Magento 2 checkout page is a balance between usability, functionality, security, and quality design. If you are interested in a good conversion rate, the checkout page of your online store should be as clear and not annoying as possible.

As a rule of thumb for a buyer, registration is a tedious process that they don't want to waste time on, even if it's only 5 minutes. That’s why guest checkout is a significant feature for your online store. When making a purchase via guest checkout in Magento 2, visitors can view any product, add it to their shopping cart, and make a purchase without creating an account on your site.

magento 2 checkout page
  • Install the extension.
  • Navigate to Stores -> Configuration Amasty Extensions ->
  • One Step Checkout -> General tab.
  • Choose Yes in the first line to Enable One Step Checkout.
  • Choose whether to Allow to Edit Products in the Order Summary
  • Enable JavaScript and HTML bundling
  • Minimizing for the checkout page
  • Automatically Log in Customers After Creating an Account at Checkout.
  • Choose when to Let Customers Create an Account at Checkout.
magento 2 checkout page

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How can I make VAT field visible on checkout page?

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How to add custom checkout steps to Magento 2?

For this Q&A, we’ll tell you about vanilla Magento 2 checkout steps and how to add custom ones

How to disable or allow guest checkout in Magento 2?

By default, Magento 2 allows guest visitors to complete the checkout process without creating an account. But sometimes merchants want to gather more information about their customers and want to restrict checkout without registration.

What is Google Address Auto Suggest?
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Version 2.0.0
Last Update: Dec 21, 2021
2.0.0 - Dec 21, 2021
  • New we rearranged the components of One Step Checkout by splitting some of the features into the system modules. It’s a major technical release, however, it will not affect the functionality you already acquired in any way. Now during the update, instead of one, you will get the following packages: One Step Checkout Core, Gift Wrap, Thank You Page, Delivery Date, Style Switcher, and Layout Builder. These changes are specific to the One Step Checkout extension, the rest of the solution remains unchanged.

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