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The Software Delivery Platform

From code to customer, continuously advancing your business

Your software: Better. Faster. Safer.

Enabling the world’s biggest and brightest companies to transition from incoherent, disconnected DevOps to self-service, fast, secure workflows connecting software delivery to business outcomes.

Create fast, compliant workflows

Liberate developers with self-service automation, model-driven pipelines, and security by default.

  • Create and curate a self-service library of immutable components

  • Declarative Pipelines for repeatable, durable pipelines as code

  • Secure, event-driven pipelines simplify cross-team communication

  • Build audit-ready release workflows and generate audit reports on-demand

  • Manage release workflows with everything or anything as code

  • Feature flags for progressive delivery, experimental freedom, and common governance

  • Out-of-the-box integrations with your favorite tools provide extensibility


200% increase in deployments. AdvancedMD is creating workflows that do more in less time.

Bala Mukund
“[With CloudBees you get] quality, consistency and reliability thereby allowing your developers to focus on developing. That means we are producing more value for our clients and customers – which is our key objective.”
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Bala Mukund

Director of Technology

See across pipelines, process, tools and teams

Higher-order visibility, predictability, and management across the entire software delivery ecosystem

  • Get contextualized answers from a common data model across the SDLC

  • Visualize and manage dependencies across applications and services

  • Enable task-specific permission-based views

  • Drill down and view in-progress, streaming release status as it runs

  • Manage feature flags throughout the software delivery process and track impact on your customers

Dr. Julius von Rosen
‟We now have a clear view of the entire process—one that is secure, repeatable and predictable.”
DZ Bank
Dr. Julius von Rosen

Head of Electronic Trading Platforms

Continuously improve software delivery

Create continuous, meaningful feedback loops to proactively manage risk and business outcomes.

  • Understand which features are delivering value to which customers, instantly and over a series of time

  • Predictive analytics identify risks and opportunities before they happen

  • Predictably manage software development productivity, release velocity and value

  • Deliver real-time code and infrastructure compliance from commit through production

  • Automatically collect evidence across the entire SDLC

  • Optimize costs and resource utilization with automated cloud and environment provisioning and deprovisioning


Accenture gains 10,000 engineering days per year.

George Swan
‟We now see release frequencies daily. We’re seeing lead times in hours. This is what I always believed Autodesk is capable of doing, and now we can show it.”
George Swan

Former Director of Engineering Solutions

Software Delivery Platform

End-to-end DevOps orchestration


Software Delivery Platform

Continuous DevOps orchestration

  • Continuous Integration

    Integrate, unify, extend and automate the creation, build, test, and packaging of code to artifacts.

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  • Continuous Delivery

    Eliminate scripts and automate end-to-end delivery workflows while verifying performance, quality and security.

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  • Release Orchestration

    Model, orchestrate and visualize complex application releases and deployment models. Utilize built-in audit trails and manage deployment outcomes.

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Software Delivery Management

Connect DevOps to business value.

  • Analytics

    A single source of truth for real-time visibility.

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  • Feature Management

    Release and manage new features rapidly at scale. Share common visibility and governance of flags across the entire SDLC.

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  • Compliance

    Continuous code and infrastructure compliance in real-time from commit through production.

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What makes the CloudBees Platform different?

  • Enterprise-Class Security

    The CloudBees software delivery platform provides robust and flexible role-based access controls from the first commit to deployment to code running in production. Ensure security and governance across your portfolio.

  • Automation and Visibility Across All Teams and Tools

    The CloudBees platform connects your software development lifecycle tools and processes across all of your teams to enable automation with complete visibility so you can eliminate duplication, discontinuity and redundancy.

  • Jenkins at Enterprise Scale

    Onboard new projects and new teams quickly with pre-configured templates and policies built on your SLAs. Manage more Jenkins instances with dedicated resources and a single operations center.

  • Advanced Release Orchestration

    Create model-driven software delivery workflows that integrate and unify all your favorite tools, for rapid, reusable and predictable releases. Adapt quickly to new processes and technologies.

  • Progressive Delivery, Safely

    Built-in support for feature management enables true continuous delivery. Manage and track your features from hypothesis to progressive rollout. Leverage Canary deployments, feature toggles and kill switches for all of your applications.

  • Value Stream Management Your Way

    View and analyze your end-to-end software delivery process leveraging DORA metrics to drive improvement across all of your teams. See and measure your end-to-end application value stream and address issues as they occur with live data.

  • Built on Over 10 Years of Enterprise DevOps

    CloudBees has over 10 years of experience delivering enterprise DevOps solutions to nearly 50% of Fortune 100 companies. From CI/CD to progressive delivery, the CloudBees platform pairs modern practices with CloudBees DevOps expertise

  • On-premise to Public Cloud, Monoliths to Microservices

    The CloudBees platform supports all of your applications, from monoliths to modern cloud native microservices. Deploy Kubernetes on-premise or in the public cloud or leave the hosting to CloudBees with SaaS delivery of our software delivery capabilities.